A Place for Transvestites and Transsexuals

Sophies is based in Bath, Somerset England. Its a place where either transvestites or transsexuals can relax in nice surroundings.

Try on some clothes from the vast wardrobe. Be taught deportment and learn about make up by an understanding female.

Have a makeover in the salon and then be photographed if you wish.

Watch television or a video in the lounge, the choice is yours but most important you can be who you want to be

for just a few hours or a few days. Our charges are very reasonable.

We have clients who have been visiting us regularly for over 10 years.



Hi everyone, I am pleased that so many of you enjoy looking at my photos on this website. As you can tell I have been visiting Sophies on

a regular basis over a number of years. This variety of images has been created by just changing the make up, wigs and wearing different outfits.

I am so happy being in front of the camera whether it is day wear to go shopping or something more dressy for that fun evening out.

I hope I have given many of you hope and inspiration to try these looks and that you will keep looking as I am sure

there are many more photos to come!


Jennifer xxx























All pictures on this website are the copyright of Sophie's or the featured girl and MUST NOT be reproduced without permission.

I would feel honoured if you linked me to your web site.

Please email Sophie's for details or to leave a message.

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